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Dir en grey fans in Australia

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FIRST BRISBANE J-MUSIC MEET UP! [07 May 2008|08:16pm]

your friendly mod here and angel_mari have finally organised our first J-music meet up in Brisbane for the 17th of May.

Where: Meet at Brunswick st station
When: 11:30am, Saturday 17th of May
What are we going to do?: Check out the markets, grab some food at Cyber City and check out other various places before heading back to the City. There we can ceckout all the manga and game shops before going to Karaoke on Adelaide St.

feel free to make suggestions, if you can think of other things to do ^^

all are welcome  It would be good if people could leave a comment just so we can get an idea of how many people are interested. If people would like to do CD swaps or bring burnt discs with Jdramas or Anime, all trading and such is most welcome! Sharing is caring and not all of us have TPG....<.< Should be a good day!! Hope to see alot of you there!! 8D 8D 8D

I will give out my number to those of you who are planning on coming (just leave me a comment here and PM me if you want it) so if you get lost just give me a txt or call and I will tell you where we are ^^
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hello n_n [05 May 2008|10:15pm]

hey i'm new so i thought i'd introduce myself...
i live in adelaide, south australia.
i've been a fan for around 2 years now. their music is very awesome and inspiring~
i love all the members of dir en grey coz they're just absolutely amazing and talented but i like shinya a little more than the others and i started playing drums coz of him *_* i admire him very much... yes very much *_*~

+ also if there are any other adelaide fans out there that like dir en grey or any type of jmusic in general please join;

we're a little lonely D:
thankyou ^^

want to join a visual kei band? [04 Feb 2008|05:17pm]


again i hope this is allowed.. if not delete this post..

we ar based in melbourne need new guitarists and a new drummer.
we already have vocalist(myself) and bassist..

we rehearse every week around the city areas, starting by covering songs.
but also writing our own in between.. and hopefully do lives soon~

are influences include ayabie, jinkaku radio, sid, versailles, diru  and more.

if you are interested please contact through merou3@hotmail.co.jp

we need new members asap! our next rehearsal is this friday :3

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Melbourne's Mini-Jrock-Meetup [30 Jan 2008|01:40pm]
Hope this is allowed.. o_o If not feel free to delete..heh..

Where: Meet under the Melbourne Central Clock
When: This Saturday, 2nd February, 12:00 Noon

Just a small meetup, want to meet and get to know more jrock fans from Melbourne!
Get some lunch, shopping(Shibuya, Episode etc..), Purikura then head for Karaoke! 

Some of us will be doing a little CD swap! Please join if you are interested<3
If you want to talk more about it or just talk.. add me to msn~ merou3@hotmail.co.jp (or just comment here)

Hope to see some of you there! :3 

x-posted to jfans_of_oz

 -edit- if you are coming please comment here to let me know :'D
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HELZ YEH I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA [05 Jan 2008|02:20am]

IM REI AND I LIKE DIR EN GREY AND I WAS FORCED TO COME HERE BY KEI~~~ CAUSE SHE'S A PSYCHOKILLER DONT TRUST HER MAN SHE'S PLANNING TO GO TO JAPAN AND STEAL OVER 200 JROCKERS MAAN. so yeah I like dir en grey their super special neon hair colors awesome YO'z so uh yeaah I'm Ràichèaleta I come from Ballarat, Victoria. imarecoveringstalkerofkei :p and yehhhhhh so emm purple stick ponehs shall welcome you with open arms~

and talk to you all soon? o.O
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woooo~~ [05 Jan 2008|06:15pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I found this community while looking up Kyo...
I'm not alone, so that's really cool.
Infact, it's super special awesome.

So yeh I thought I'd introduce myself. So I'm Kei and I come from Ballarat, Victoria. I've liked dir en grey since the 8th of december 2006 and I am yet to find anyone around here that likes them, though my best friend in america likes them so I guess I do atleast have someone to talk about them with unlike my friend's here who duck and cover whenever I mention dir en grey XD ... except for Lal o.o

BUTYEHANYWAAAYY XD i'd love to make some new friends around here who i can share my dir en grey obsession with and stuff ~~ :]
sojustmessagemeorsomethingifyoueverwanttotalk OOO:


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Discussion! YAY!!! [29 Oct 2007|05:25pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

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[18 Jun 2007|06:41pm]


Hey everyone! If you haven’t already done this PLEASE DO! Just go to the website bellow and vote for Diru! You have to register but it only takes a second. Dir en grey is by far the GREATEST band in the world and we want everyone to know it!

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Intro... [27 May 2007|01:15pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Recently found this community after once again driving my mother up the wall with my constant "mum lets go to america to see Diru!" or "mummm.....why won't Diru come here??? wry..." and other such phrases.

 So yeah before I post some of my random Diru related stuff, I thought i'd introduce myself. I'm Takashikyo here on LJ and ''Caitlin'' in the normal undirucated world xD. I'm currently living in Tamworth, NSW an am often refered to as the ''goth,emo,japanese music freak. I have a huge collection of Dir en Grey pictures and related magazines so if anyone would like me to scan them, I can do that too.

I'm also always in the mood for pointless Diru related convo's, roleplays and such <333

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Petition [27 Apr 2007|08:28pm]

I didn't make this petition, but I wanted to spread the word. I know this doesn't directly relate to Dir en grey, but they are JRock! At least something is being done, so sign! *throws cookies*


Is there hope? D: [26 Feb 2007|08:31am]

From http://heavymetal.about.com/od/interviews/a/direngreyinterv.htm

Are there any countries where you haven’t toured yet that you would like to go to and play shows in?
We’ve never played in Australia before. That would be a great place to go in the future.
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New tour = new album? i hope.. [17 Sep 2006|04:36pm]

OMG i'm sorry for like continually spamming this community but i'm wondering what other people think..

So..Dir have posted the rest of the dates for Inward Scream for this year....so i was thinking...doesn't this mean that they'll have to release a new album for the new tour? I mean..it'd be kind of random if they started a new tour with the same songs...but then I really can't see any time for them to release a new album THIS year....hmm....

so....what do you think will happen for the rest of Inward Scream?

what deg stuff u own :DD [21 Aug 2006|04:46pm]

geez i'm sorry i keep posting here ^__^;; but i guess i have no life -makes dramatic gesture- and i'm procrastinating doing a 3000-word essay due tomorrow.....

soooo....first off someone posted a part of a new song that was played at FVT on youtube :D yayayay its COOOL imo... but the crowd is completely SUCKY BLAH it pisses me off -___-'' but what can you expect....

anyways linkyy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLoDFsP5L6k

and for other people who are bored out of their brains....post all dir en grey stuff you own here too!!! :DD

Um...I'm a bit obsessed ^^;; so I currently own GAUZE, MACABRE, kisou, VULGAR, Withering to death., ain't afraid to die single, ryoujoku no ame single, 5 ugly kingdom, code of vulgarism, ware photobook, dragonfly photobook, kyo's 2nd poem book.

....i have spent waay too much money on these guys (but it is soooo worth it)
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Facial hair :DD [18 Aug 2006|10:04pm]


Kyo: Y/N ?

Kaoru: Y/N ?

As for me....

Kyo: Y - i HATED it before but i can't help but think it looks soooo good in fvt pics *___*
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kaoru: N - it doesn't look bad on him just...prefer without :)
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Visual kei or...er.... [17 Aug 2006|08:49pm]

Well as the title so specifically doesn't state...do you guys prefer Dir en grey's visual kei era or their..umm...whatever era this is called that ISN'T visual kei :D

As for me....I am really NOT a huge fan of their visual kei era <___<'' sure, the music is nice and all, and it's good, but... their music style from kisou onwards just suits my tastes a lot better. Also, kyo's voice isn't as high-pitched and nasally (LOL omg i did not just say that T__T) I mean, some of the tracks on GAUZE and MACABRE are classics for sure, but some of the others.....................i just can't get into them as much. But in..er..this? era i love like 99% of their songs compared to like... 75% from visual kei era <___<;; but then... i'm not really a huge fan of visual kei anyway. ...Also.....in my opinion? They looked HORRIBLE in VK x__X;; (except for maybe kaoru for some odd reason..LOL) Sure, Toshiya and Shinya looked (too) pretty dolled up as girls, but I prefer them just being normal ^__^ also....i'm sorry...but kyo in VK getup just DOESN'T sit well with me X___X (i prefer his chin pubes to his vk outfits! LOL) But yeah... so I'm just curious as to people's opinions ^__^ i can see why people would prefer their VK era because it's different from western music and stuff and that some people don't like them nowadays because they're too "generic-sounding" but....mmm....i dunno. Not saying I didn't like their VK albums...I just prefer their newer ones better :D
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Withering to death in australia? <:[ [12 Aug 2006|06:40pm]

OMG i'm sorry i've posted like 129762397562 things in this community T___T;; i swear this'll be the last one....BUT....

was just wondering...has anyone actually seen Wtd in any stores here? Anywhere? D: I was hoping that cos they sold it in America that that would automatically mean that they would sell it here (cos like..Australia is like America-wannabe xDD)
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Favourite DVD? [11 Aug 2006|09:41pm]

as boring topic of conversation....what's your favourite Dir en grey live DVD and why?

For me...it's a tie between 5 ugly kingdom and Code of Vulgarism, for different reasons. 5ugly, cos all songs are performed incredibly well/professionally, notable songs for me being mushi, 24ko, gyakujou tannou keloid milk, etc etc (could go on forever). And Code of Vulgarism for songs like fukai, amber, the final are sung beautifully, and great crowd interaction (more so than 5ugly). But hmm yeah...they're both good in different ways :DD I dunno...I haven't seen the ones before them (macabre or osakajou) or much of blitz (though looks good from what i've seen) and...yeah...from what I've seen of it withers and withers...i didn't like it that much compared to 5ugly and CoV .___. but yeah...other people's opinons !! :DD
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[11 Aug 2006|05:39pm]

Found this on the family values tour boards...it's an audio recording of diru's inward scream tour which has alot of new songs and the newest single live. enjoy peoples... :P It's about 2hours long and 126mb


Download Link:
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[03 Aug 2006|08:11pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

This is quite anicent now (6 months). But I made this video ages back out of boredom one day and it seems apporiate to post it in this community.


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ryoujoku no ame...what you think? : ) [03 Aug 2006|05:59pm]

cough...as a sad attempt to post something here...for people who've heard it....what do you think of it? i'm totally in love with it now *ooo* at first i was kind of nonplussed about it but after a couple of listens i got completely hooked :DDD i can't wait till my copy gets here >___<;; i'm still peeved that yesasia doesn't give u a poster like cdjapan but oh well....

yes....thats about it...oh!! has anyone seen the new GiGs yet too? im curious to see what the photoshoot is like...i really love their new look from their profiles *ooo*
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